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Financial Elder Abuse: Crime of the Century

September 24th, 2022

The crime of the 21st Century. Rampant,Guest Posting invisible and lethal. A disgrace. These are all quotes from a prominent finance magazine, a protective services agent and a journalist. And, this time, they’re not referring to gun abuse or Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery- they’re discussing the growing rise in elder abuse.

Annually, five million Americans are affected by some form of elder abuse with only one in every 24 incidents reported to authorities. This is according to The Elder Justice Roadmap released by the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

“[Elder] abuse can be more complex than simply striking someone,” Riverside elder abuse attorney Graham Donath said.

His site goes on to list four types of elder neglect, classified under the law: physical, emotional, neglect and financial. The latter is by far, the most prominent- especially when the abuser is a family member. Briefly, elder financial abuse is defined as exploiting an elder for monetary gain through the improper or illegal use of their funds, property, or assets (the age to be considered “elder” varies by some states).

It was Executive Director of the National Adult Protective Services Association Kathleen Quinn who called elder abuse “rampant, largely invisible, expensive and lethal”.

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Scenarios Which Require the Help of Elder Law Lawyer

March 22nd, 2022

Not everyone of us know that there is a lawyer whose primary function is to help and to serve the needs of elderly people. Some of us are only familiar with litigation lawyers, corporate lawyers, DUI lawyers and human rights lawyers, for sure, some of us are not familiar with elder law lawyer. What is elder law lawyer? What are their primary functions? To know more about them, read the article below.

What is elder law lawyer?

They are specialty lawyers who concentrate on elderly law. They are adept and expert in the unique needs of elderly individuals, especially with regards to their health, aging and competence. They are knowledgeable on the mental and physical difficulties associated with aging and they know how to address their legal needs.

How can elderly law attorneys help elderly people?

Because elderly individuals are already weak and frail due to old age, they cannot process and serve their needs better such as retirement, estate planning, tax issues, Medicare, Social Security benefits, nursing home care and many more. No one is more adept and knowledgeable in serving these needs than elderly law attorneys. They are the best person to approach when it comes to the ins and outs of elder law including counseling, planning, education and advocating for the needs of elderly individuals. They are well informed of basic legal services and they have broad connections to networks of professionals who serve the elderly population.

Common scenarios which needs the services of elderly law:

- Protecting elderly individuals from child abuse – It is one of the most distressing scenario where you really need the services of an elderly law lawyer. If your parents or you have relatives who are already elderly and who are in need of skilled nursing care, nursing home or being abused, then consult an elderly law lawyer immediately. Elderly law lawyers can guide you and support you in filing lawsuit against the abuser. Protecting the welfare and dignity of elderly individuals is one of their primary functions.

- Financial planning – If you have problems with regards to your retirement planning, then they are the best individuals to ask support and guidance.

- Estate planning – Elderly law lawyers are the best people to prepare your will and successions.

- Grandparents’ rights – They can represent grandparents who lost contact with their grandchildren.

Other situations where elderly law lawyer can help:

- They can give fiduciary and financial representation for financial planning, financing, gift tax issues, income, housing and estate planning.

- They can help individuals who have problems with their spouses who require specialty or long-term care, asset protection, Medicaid, Veterans’ benefits and insurance.

- They can help in trust and will planning, guardianship avoidance and guardianship, disability claims, disability discrimination and grandparents’ rights.

- Long-term and supplemental health insurance issues

- Medicare appeals and claims

- Probate

- Health and mental health related issues

- Fraud recovery cases

- Home equity and housing issues

- Nursing home claims

If you experienced some of the problems mentioned beforehand, then consult the elderly law lawyers immediately.